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Welcome to Casita Foods, a gluten-free bread company based in Saskatchewan. We are a small, dedicated team of chefs and food lovers who are passionate about homestyle whole foods. 


Our philosophy is centered around the idea of whole foods and providing great gluten-free choices for those who need or choose to avoid gluten in their diet. We take a modern approach to traditional methods and ingredients, resulting in delicious and nutritious breads that everyone can enjoy. 


Eight years ago, we developed the recipe for our famous gluten-free bread and have been perfecting it ever since. We believe in the power of food to connect us and nourish the beauty of everyday life, and that's why we are passionate about making things with our own hands. 


At Casita Foods, we are not only bakers, but we are nurturers. We understand the importance of good food and strive to provide delicious, wholesome breads that you can trust the taste of being home. We are proud to be a part of the alternative foods community and look forward to sharing our bread with you.


At Casita Foods, we are dedicated to providing healthy, delicious gluten-free options made with quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible. We have a whole food philosophy - great gluten-free choices.

Our flagship product is our legendary gluten-free bread, made with care and without preservatives or additives. We aim to reconnect people to natural ways of eating and the nutritional benefits that come from it. Trust us to bring you the taste of being home.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best gluten-free bread in Saskatchewan. Our approach is a modern take on traditional methods and ingredients, ensuring that our bread retains the essence of great homestyle bread.


Our expertise and passion is evident in every loaf we bake, and we believe that dietary restrictions should not prevent anyone from enjoying delicious and high-quality food. Our commitment to using simple, wholesome ingredients ensures that our bread not only tastes great, but also nourishes the body.


We believe that everyone should have access to nutritious and satisfying food, and our gluten-free bread is a testament to that belief.

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